I'd like to be able to say I'm starting the new year with a solid, well thought out plan of action, writing wise - but this year I'm not. Experience has shown me that although you can try and plot your path into the future, it's usually the suprise moments that propel you forward - sometimes faster than you would like, sometimes making you bounce off a few obstacles on the way and sometimes hurling you straight into a brick wall. So, this year I'm going to write when I can, keep my mind open, dream a little, and just wait and see...

I may start the year by thinking a little about how I got to this point and I'll also be talking to some of the people who have helped and inspired me along the way.

I actually got to grips with one of my writing friends,Steve Emmett, last year, shortly after he signed the contract for his novel, Diavolino, to be published by Etopia Press.

You can find the interview at www.juliakavan.com

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  1. Hmm, not sure what you mean by 'got to grips' with me. People may get the wrong idea! I hope everyone has bought your short story from Etopia Press because it is brillian!